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8 things the National Party drama can teach you about your media

This week, Jami-Lee Ross took an hour-long press conference to let the political cat out of the bag over accusations he has made against the party leader Simon Bridges. Here are some lessons we can learn about media campaigns from the whole saga. 1: Get your facts straight Write them down, double check them and […]

Learn the trade secrets of media relations and boost your business profile

Save yourself thousands in advertising costs through the power of earned media, which amplifies your key messages into the marketplace to boost your professional profile and establish you as an authority in your field. Earned media is a powerful tool, packing a more powerful PR punch than paid media (advertising) and owned media (web, social […]

We need more female voices in media

Do women need to lead the change of interview topics from children and nappies, to teams and strategies? The news media’s main aim is to inform, educate, entertain and inspire. In New Zealand’s democratic society, the media serves to shape the narrative in society. But too often, that narrative is being read from one perspective – the […]

Are you media fit?

You don’t need to conquer the whole maunga to celebrate a victory. This morning, I set myself a goal. Before work began, I wanted to have climbed my local Mt Parihaka and stand at the lookout, victorious. But the morning did not go to plan! I set off, determined to reach the top. Five mins […]

Media opportunities you won’t want to miss

All of the businesses that I work with have one thing in common – they are newsworthy. That means, they must have at least one media opportunity that they can avail of – a story or competition – that they can run in a media outlet. So, let’s talk media opportunities- what do they look […]

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How to get your press release printed

Did you know that you’ve got about 5 seconds to impress a journalist with your press release and pitch? In my 14 years as a journalist, I have received over 160,000 press releases into my inboxes. Five seconds – that’s not much time, eh? It takes me about 5 seconds before I know it’s trash […]

One simple media tip from MasterChef’s Ness Baxter

I was lucky enough to hear culinary empowerer and former MasterChef NZ contestant Vanessa Baxter tell her story at the Liked Media Women In Business NZ Christmas party in Whangarei recently. She spoke about how her life was simply one fearlessly-taken opportunity after another. What a great story she has. Vanessa lives in Auckland, having […]

Strategic visibility and earned media

In the next 3 years, we are going to see TEN TIMES the amount of digital information being available online – says Earl Wilkinson, the CEO of the International News Media Association. That’s a whole lotta noise! The internet is about to get even more crowded with brands. And that’s before we consider just how […]

Solas Spotlight: Let’s talk about Lysa

How can you have your voice heard by media when you work in healing and wellness? Lysa Black’s superpower? She can read hearts. When I first met Lysa Black – Heart Magic’s Heart Healer, she was moving through a crowd of Mums in Business at the 2016 Liked Media Christmas Event. She doesn’t do small […]