How do you use simple peak season media coverage to lift your off-peak business?

It’s here folks – peak season. Like most operators, November sees your business getting busier.

Or maybe, you have to hustle hard to make hay while the sun literally shines!

But how do you get noticed amid all the social media noise?

You look outside of social media, that’s what!

But did you ever think about this – what if you could use the media coverage you easily get in the peak season to boost your Google power during that arid off-peak time?

Here’s how it works!

Peak season coincides with the NZ media’s silly season, right? So, media are eager for all types of stories to fill their papers (and online platforms). Courts, councils etc close for the holidays and newsrooms have skeleton staff – so they need your press releases and pics.

They need your stories real bad!

Also – summer holidays become a news round unto itself. Holiday trends, celebrities on tour, wacky tourist services – you name it, it’s a news free-for-all!

So, when off-peak rolls around and you’ve got a season of great media coverage under your belt – guess whose business is going to jump to the front of the queue when visitors Google for things to do? Your business!

That’s right! All of that positive media coverage will be right there – online – packing a powerful punch and selling on your behalf.

And let’s face it – that’s how tourists find stuff to do and places to stay, eat and play.

This is media that you may struggle to bag after February, when the focus shifts off of holidays and tourism, and back onto politics, courts etc.

News outlets have massive Google authority. Your stories (especially if you sprinkle your keywords through your press releases) will jump ahead in searches, helping you get that off-peak cashflow.

You know I’m making sense!

You’re hearing me!

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Why take my word for it?
I’m the former chief reporter and business editor of the Northern Advocate (so it was my job to plan news coverage over the summer holidays).